Peter McCluskey (peter_bayesian) wrote,
Peter McCluskey

Speed Dating

I tried Speed Dating for the first time on Sunday. In some ways it was better than I expected, but the speed aspect of it bothered me even more than I had expected. I hadn't expected anything resembling love at first sight, but I had expected to be able to decide fairly quickly that many of the people were uninteresting and to narrow down my choices to at most two. Instead I ended up with vaguely favorable opinions of half the people I was paired up with, but mostly indecisive about them. I ended up checking yes to all of those, but none of them said yes to me.
I'm confused about how they handled nonstandard genders. Their form listed four categories including trans and genderqueer, and didn't say what rules they used to match people who identified as being in more than one category (of whom I think there were a few). But I didn't notice any problems resulting from that.
It was also a bit confusing to have people dating as couples, since it seemed a bit awkward to only want to date one member of a couple when they were together and both trying to date.
I went to a poly speed dating because I've noticed that a large fraction of the people I find interesting classify themselves as poly (I'm unsure why - being poly seems unimportant to me), and judging from the four people there who I'd met before it did attract interesting people, but not enough men who were looking for men.
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