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I do most of my blogging on my own web site (and occasionally at Overcoming Bias), and I have no plans to make Livejournal a major part of my online activity.
If don't know me well, my website is a better place than here to start if you want to understand me.
I've decided to use this blog for more personal posts than what I post elsewhere. These posts will probably be mostly visible only to those on my lj friends list. I don't expect there will be many people who will take an interest in reading these posts, but I'll probably be flattered if unexpected interest in them develops.
I don't intend for my lj friends list to bear any necessary relationship to who I consider a friend (or even whose posts I read). It will just be a group of people to whom I've granted access, and I don't plan on being very restrictive about granting strangers access. I'll probably accept anyone who asks, tells me how they found me here, and who has a profile (here or elsewhere) indicating they're not totally clueless.
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