Peter McCluskey (peter_bayesian) wrote,
Peter McCluskey


I've given up on Tianeptine. I couldn't duplicate the benefits I felt in the first week. I haven't been sleeping very well over the past month, and I suspect that Tianeptine is contributing to that. It didn't seem to cause me to sleep unusually badly on any one day, but it seemed that I couldn't get more than about 7.5 hours of sleep even when I need more to make up for having slept poorly on previous nights. Going to bed earlier mainly causes me to wake up earlier (as in well before sunrise). It's hard to tell how much of a connection there is between Tianeptine and my sleep patterns, and it's time consuming to test it further since there's something like a 4 to 8 day delay between changing doses and observing results. I felt that it modestly increased my libido, but that doesn't seem important enough to justify further attempts to find a good dosage.
Tags: sleep, tianeptine

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