Peter McCluskey (peter_bayesian) wrote,
Peter McCluskey


I had a fairly pleasant afternoon at Ephemerisle on Saturday. It bore some resemblance to a miniature Burning Man, but with more anarchy and less art.

The warm weather that was expected to be an advantage to holding it in the delta now was replaced just before the start of the event by an abnormally sudden transition to cool winds more characteristic of November. I gather the stronger than normal winds caused some problems with anchors holding. Anchoring is a complex function of wind, vessel size, bottom texture, how much anchor line you let out, and how patient you are at trial and error. I gather that anchoring problems prevented houseboats from tying up to the main platform as originally planned.

I had hesitated to go due to rumors of loud music, but it wasn't loud (possibly due to people being too occupied with more important infrastructure). Since vessels were more spread out than anticipated, there probably would have been a relatively quiet place if there had been loud music, but being spread out also meant that people were more isolated from each other than I expected.

It is likely that bigger and better festivals will happen in the next few years, but scaling up to thousands of people is likely to require starting over largely from scratch with a very different approach.

After reading that someone was bringing "Sea Boots" to walk on water, I put in my car some forms I made 7 years ago, which would enable me to crudely walk on water. I had designed them in hopes of being able to skate on water, but they failed miserably at generating enough speed for that. I didn't get them to the festival due to limited room in the boat that took me there, and I didn't see the person with the Sea Boots. Maybe next year.

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