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Peter McCluskey

Hike the Geek

Two years ago I noticed a mention of Hike the Geek in a comment on patrissimo's lj, and registered on its website, since I'm usually interested in more variety in my hikes. For some strange reason, I didn't get the expected emails about SF area hikes (I recently tracked down and fixed the missing setting).
I occasionally glanced at the web site to check for upcoming hikes, but the few that I noticed were to less interesting locations than other hikes on the same day with groups I regularly hike with (mainly the SF Hiking Club).
A week ago I noticed a Hike the Geek hike coming up for Sunday, and was sufficiently apathetic about the alternatives that I decided I had been putting off trying Hike the Geek for too long, and started wondering if I would know anybody on the hike. Then on Saturday crasch posted an announcement of the hike, and I noticed that he was organizing it.
It turned out that of the 11 hikers, I'd seen 4 at one of the recent seasteading events (I've also seen Chris and Matt at other futurist groups). It was mostly a nice hike, but the parking difficulties reminded me of one reason I don't often do city hikes, and the restaurant was a bit more crowded and noisy that I like.
I definitely plan to attend more Hike the Geek events.

[Curiously, ispell suggests seasteading should be spelled "seceding".]
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