Alternate Day Calorie Restriction

I've been practicing alternate day calorie restriction for about 6 months now, and I've found it fairly easy to stay near or at my target weight of 140 pounds (as opposed to averaging about 145 pounds before). I haven't been following it very carefully - I probably eat between 1000 and 1400 calories on most down days, but I don't measure very carefully.
I've typically gained 3 to 5 pounds from October through January. This year I only gained 1 pound during that period. I gained weight in February due to some restrictions on my diet[*] which limited the variety of vegetables I ate, but returned to 140 pounds without much effort.

I haven't noticed the other benefits attributed to the diet, and I have some suspicions that it occasionally impairs my sleep (i.e. makes me wake up too early) if I go to bed with my stomach feeling empty after a down day (I think this only happens when I'm quite near my target weight). I'm trying to minimize this effect by having a larger fraction of my down day calories around dinner time.

* I had a problem with a jaw muscle which restricted me to soft food in small pieces. On January 31 while eating a thick sandwich, I did something strange to the muscle connecting my jaw to my skull on the left side, and for 2.5 days my jaw was displaced a few millimeters sideways. That displacement went away one night, and the muscle remained somewhat sensitive to stretching but seems to have gradually returned to what may be normal.

Miller Cave / Wildcat Beach Waterfall hike

I don't blog much about hikes that I do because the differences between hikes would rarely seem interesting except to people who want to plan hikes in little-known places in the bay area. But the hike I led last Saturday was memorable enough to warrant an exception, and pushed the limits of what I consider to be a safe enough hike to lead.
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Life Coaching, month 1

Except for the initial life coaching session, much of my attention has been focused on my weaknesses in ways that tend to make me discouraged because they highlight why it is harder for me to learn some things than it is for an average person. But at least choiceful seems to have some skill at helping me take an optimistic view.
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The money managing profession

I spent much of the day with a group of Alcor members visiting the misleadingly named California Academy of Sciences (it's mostly aquaria and botanical gardens). It was full, and not at all worth the 1.5 hours it took to get in. The one interesting part was when a butterfly landed on my ear and stayed there for about 15 seconds. (Butterflies seem to like me - here's a a California Tortoiseshell on my chest).
But it was worth going because I got some important information from Mike Korns (who is about to retire as a hedge fund manager) about the effort required to make money managing investments for other people. I've talked with him before about whether I should try that and had been undecided (and in no hurry to decide until market conditions appeared more favorable).
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Reflections on Burning Man

I've been reading Brian Doherty's book This is Burning Man in an attempt to get insights on why people get so much more out of it than I have, and on how Ephemerisle might succeed or fail.
Much of what the book says is familiar enough to seem ordinary, but parts of it gave me a more detailed vision of how different I am.

"You're always working at an impaired level. Lack of sleep, terrible environment, dust, filth, a million things on your mind, never enough food, water ... Everyone crashes and burns"
This is about as different from my perspective as it could possibly be. I experienced it as a rather ordinary environment. The noise interfered with my sleep, but hardly enough to feel unusual. Bringing enough water in a car is trivial compared to carrying enough on my back for a 20+ mile hike. It would only take a few minutes to pack enough dried fruit and nuts to satisfy 95 percent of my need for food. The implication that the playa's physical environment has unusual effects on people's moods is mostly quite alien to me.

"I'm now selective about who I hang out with - only with people who are creative and fun. When I was in high school and college, I went to parties, and no one was doing anything. People were just all bored, drinking and looking for something to do. Burning Man is full of people who need to be doing something all the time, obsessive-compulsive creative people with this hyperactivity."
I feel some of this need to exercise my obsessive-compulsive tendencies (but not hyperactively). But it's hard for me to be inspired by the Burning Man culture. The art aspect of the creativity seems to consume a lot of resources for what looks like pure status seeking. Status seeking can be fine if it motivates people to improve something, but the projects I saw that fit that description were underwhelming.

There must be some way I could put my obsessive-compulsive tendencies to good use at Burning Man, but the kind of vision I'd need doesn't come easily.

Speed Dating

I tried Speed Dating for the first time on Sunday. In some ways it was better than I expected, but the speed aspect of it bothered me even more than I had expected. I hadn't expected anything resembling love at first sight, but I had expected to be able to decide fairly quickly that many of the people were uninteresting and to narrow down my choices to at most two. Instead I ended up with vaguely favorable opinions of half the people I was paired up with, but mostly indecisive about them. I ended up checking yes to all of those, but none of them said yes to me.
I'm confused about how they handled nonstandard genders. Their form listed four categories including trans and genderqueer, and didn't say what rules they used to match people who identified as being in more than one category (of whom I think there were a few). But I didn't notice any problems resulting from that.
It was also a bit confusing to have people dating as couples, since it seemed a bit awkward to only want to date one member of a couple when they were together and both trying to date.
I went to a poly speed dating because I've noticed that a large fraction of the people I find interesting classify themselves as poly (I'm unsure why - being poly seems unimportant to me), and judging from the four people there who I'd met before it did attract interesting people, but not enough men who were looking for men.

Hike the Geek

Two years ago I noticed a mention of Hike the Geek in a comment on patrissimo's lj, and registered on its website, since I'm usually interested in more variety in my hikes. For some strange reason, I didn't get the expected emails about SF area hikes (I recently tracked down and fixed the missing setting).
I occasionally glanced at the web site to check for upcoming hikes, but the few that I noticed were to less interesting locations than other hikes on the same day with groups I regularly hike with (mainly the SF Hiking Club).
A week ago I noticed a Hike the Geek hike coming up for Sunday, and was sufficiently apathetic about the alternatives that I decided I had been putting off trying Hike the Geek for too long, and started wondering if I would know anybody on the hike. Then on Saturday crasch posted an announcement of the hike, and I noticed that he was organizing it.
It turned out that of the 11 hikers, I'd seen 4 at one of the recent seasteading events (I've also seen Chris and Matt at other futurist groups). It was mostly a nice hike, but the parking difficulties reminded me of one reason I don't often do city hikes, and the restaurant was a bit more crowded and noisy that I like.
I definitely plan to attend more Hike the Geek events.

[Curiously, ispell suggests seasteading should be spelled "seceding".]

This Blog

I do most of my blogging on my own web site (and occasionally at Overcoming Bias), and I have no plans to make Livejournal a major part of my online activity.
If don't know me well, my website is a better place than here to start if you want to understand me.
I've decided to use this blog for more personal posts than what I post elsewhere. These posts will probably be mostly visible only to those on my lj friends list. I don't expect there will be many people who will take an interest in reading these posts, but I'll probably be flattered if unexpected interest in them develops.
I don't intend for my lj friends list to bear any necessary relationship to who I consider a friend (or even whose posts I read). It will just be a group of people to whom I've granted access, and I don't plan on being very restrictive about granting strangers access. I'll probably accept anyone who asks, tells me how they found me here, and who has a profile (here or elsewhere) indicating they're not totally clueless.